Some things remained the same – whether you find us as A+M Moving Service, or as The Super Movers – we strive to make your transition from one abode in Brooklyn, New Jersey, or surrounding areas to the next stress-free and simple.

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Every move is unique, and our movers consider each and every move differently, keeping locations, dates, times and factors such as stairs or elevators in mind when customizing your moving strategy.

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Your satisfaction is our moving company’s number one priority. To ensure our exacting quality control standards, your Booking Agent will follow-up within a week of your move.

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Other Services

Our movers work with a number of commercial clients, ranging from design houses to art festivals, to charitable organizations, and everything in between in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call!

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What to Expect

Every move is unique, and our moving company considers each and every move differently, keeping locations, dates, times and factors such as stairs or elevators in mind when customizing your moving strategy.

We help you meet any challenge, from advance planning advice to last-minute moves.

Schedule & price your move


Our courteous Booking Agent will schedule and price your move via telephone, email, fax–or in person. Onsite estimates are always available.
Your Booking Agent is your partner in a seamless transition from one home to another. Our moving company will work with you to prepare a detailed and convenient list of everything you intend to move to or from your Brooklyn or New Jersey home. The inventory allows us to show you how we estimate the length of your move and your specific needs.

Call & confirm


Our movers will call and confirm your moving plan by phone in advance, checking off all the items and services listed in your inventory letter.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority


Satisfactory Services

Our client’s satisfaction is our Brooklyn moving company’s number one priority with every service we offer. When you work with our moving company, we tailor each service to make your transition as easy and stress-free as possible.


Delivery on time

Our movers arrive on time and will find solutions for whatever moving day throws at you. We want to help alleviate the stress of your transition in whatever way we can.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Brooklyn moving company strives to customize our services to meet each client’s needs. We understand how stressful moving can be and want to help your transition go as smoothly as possible.


Every move is unique, and our Brooklyn moving company tailors our services to meet your needs. Our clients satisfaction is our number one priority in all that we do. To ensure our exacting quality control standards, your Booking Agent will follow-up within a week of your move, to make sure our movers met your expectations.

  •   What a great experience from start to finish! Alon came to my apartment and my boyfriend's apartment to give us a quote, which made sure there were no surprises on move day. I have an elliptical machine, and a couple of large pieces of furniture that have caused headaches for other movers in the past- not for these guys! Move day comes and the guys are right on time. Moving is insanely stressful- but the guys were so friendly and easy going, they really put me at ease. It was obvious they were taking great care with my things. They even packed my art for me. It was all done faster than I expected and NOT ONE THING WAS BROKEN. The elliptical machine is as smooth as ever after they put it back together. They touched base with me at the new place to see where we wanted each piece of furniture and box to go. At the end, the price was exactly as quoted. Perfect move from beginning to end. Bravo Super Movers!

    thumb Sally R.

      Definitely hire them to move your things in NYC, but be wary of using them to move to other locations. We loved the movers we had in New York, but the team they hired to deliver to Georgia was a really, really bad experience. They tried to make things right, but ultimately there was no real way they could hold the other movers accountable and I was never offered any sort of compensation for a series of mistakes that made our lives and move a lot harder.

    thumb J B.

      Omer and his team did a phenomenal job moving my family from one neighborhood to another in Brooklyn, packing our 3br apartment one day and moving into a 3-story house the next, without incident. They were careful, cheerful, prompt, but also relaxed and seemed to take pleasure and pride in their work. Moving was actually fun with these guys in charge!

    thumb Caitlin V.

      The super movers did an excellent job! I would highly recommend them. They came on time and worked efficiently. They were super respectful and considerate. Not only did they wrap all of our furniture with care, but then they unwrapped it all and helped set everything up in the new place. They made things so easy and carefree. Lorenzo, Andy and Dominique were awesome! And the price was really reasonable as well. Thanks guys!

    thumb Joie G.
  •   These guys are awesome. I have heard horror stories about movers.  So, I was super paranoid because I was moving long distance and Jay swore to me they were solid, legitimate and not thieves. He was 100% right. You can hire these guys and they will get you moved with low stress and nothing broken.  Janos and his team packed me up for a move from NY to FL. They were awesome. Janos is a total pro, ask for him to move you. He is fantastic. He packed me up in NY. A different but equally solid team delivered to me in Florida. Everything was put together and nothing broken or missing. On time. Just could not have gone better and like I said, I was worried about this from the start. They quoted me a price and that was the price. No screwing around, no problems. Hire these guys with confidence. They are great. They have a detailed list of your items, they are total pros. I'd hire them again in a second. Thank you guys again.

    thumb E W.

      These guys are nothing but amazing!!!!!! I couldn't be more pleased ever with a move. They are so careful with your items and they work super fast!! You can tell they work for you and work with the estimated time! I did a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey everything arrived arrived in perfect condition. I love that they were caring, careful, fast, efficient and great people. Very friendly. There's no words to describe how happy I am with the move and the amazing team I had, they were really a super team! The price also was the best you can find, very affordable and true to the quote! Very satisfied customer. I highly highly highly recommend!

    thumb Lexie C.

      We needed to move two unique pieces. First a large antique Chinese Screen (9 feet tall, 12 panels) to storage and a vintage juke box from Brooklyn to NJ. Super movers was highly recommended by our real estate broker who used them in the past to move antique furniture.

    Super Movers suggested combining the move to storage and trip to NJ into one move which would save us $200. This turned out to be a great move and cost efficient.

    The two movers were courteous, professional and efficient. They wrapped each of the 12 screen panels with care and covered the jukebox with layers of quilt.

    We are going to use Super Movers again for our house move coming up. We were totally pleased and felt their cost was competitive and appropriate.

    thumb David L.

      Great team. Fair pricing. They get the job done. We used the Super Movers for an aquarium move recently and, although there was a 3-4 hour delay to use the building's elevator, the movers and their foreman kept cool and patiently waited to complete the job. These guys are polite and can work with little supervision. They have experience. I would recommend the Super Movers without a doubt.

    thumb Brian S.
  •   I moved  recently and used The Super Movers. I got a quote from one of the owners which was nice. I was told that I would have 3 guys.  The guys came on time, super friendly and professional. I like that they addressed me by my first name. I thought they were all great. They helped take my sofa apart and helped to put it together at my new apartment. Lorenzo really knew what he was doing. Really quick. I loved that Angel read the labels on the boxes and checked in with me as to where to put the boxes. William was great too. Really good team work. I would strongly recommend using them. The quote that I was given was accurate.

    Thank you guys. Well done. Hope you all get a Christmas bonus.


    thumb Andrea W.

      Third time using SM. Did a great job again. Crew worked hard and moved quickly. Good people. Very happy with the super movers. Would def use on my next move.

    thumb Richard A.

      Great experience!  Our move was from Brooklyn to Philadelphia and Lorenzo, Nick and Wayne arrived on time and did a fantastic job.   The guys took great care to make sure our furniture was well padded and secure.  It was a no-glitch and hassle free moving day when our lives were otherwise hectic.

    I had done research and received quotes from a couple of places and we went with Super Movers because they had the most competitive prices and Omer was great with fast responses to my questions.

    We will definitely recommend to friends and to the world of Yelp!!

    thumb J H.

      Highly recommend Super Movers. They helped us pack and move out of our 2 bedroom apartment, and the process went seamlessly. The price we paid matched exactly with what was quoted, so no surprises! The admin staff was also super responsive and professional. Thanks Super Movers!

    thumb Christian C.
  •   Being new to the area I needed as much help as I could moving here. These guys were nothing but professional. They made my move so much easier.

    Their rate is $120 for four guys to help out. These guys didn't slack a minute. They got stuff done and didn't just come to get paid. They came to really got things moving so they could go to their next job site.

    I can't help but also mention that all my stuff came into the apartment without anything damaged at all. They weren't nitwits that placed fragile stuff at the bottom of the truck or none of that non-sense. These guys know what they're doing.

    If you're in the area and need additional help moving, this is the place to go to! They gave us a lot of option of protecting our items at home. I doubt any other movers would take their time out and do this for you.

    All in all, if you're looking to move I really recommend everyone to go to to them!

    thumb Hong N.

      Incredibly friendly, helpful, thorough and wonderfully efficient. The highlight for me was that my new housemate prefers no shoes in the apartment, and the guys took everything up to the landing and then took their shoes off to accommodate as they brought all of my things through. Highly, highly recommend!!

    thumb Grace L.

      I would rather not give them any stars.
    I also dislike posting negative reviews, but every time I see a nick or a scratch on a piece of furniture or piece of framed art or think about my mattress that arrived completely covered in mold, or how I had to spend more money to have lamp shades repaired, it really pisses me off.  

    The one star is for how accommodating they were while my belongings were in storage.  They allowed me to access my belongings before I left because I had packed something I needed and they allowed my mom to drop off a couple of bags once I had actually moved away.  I'm told these were favors as they usually don't allow these things...again though, had I had my own temperature controlled unit, I'd have been able to come and go as I pleased.  it could very well be that all of my beef is with the shipping company.  But based on the mold smell that still lingers in some of my clothes, it seems like that odor had been creeping in there for months.

    Full disclosure:  My belongings hung out in their holding warehouse for many more months than originally anticipated.  At least double the amount of time.  When I first spoke them I asked about climate control...you see over the years I had built a collection of clothes and furniture that I care deeply about and I was assured moisture was not an issue and that it always stayed cool in the warehouse.  I'm the idiot for believing it.  To make things even worse, I had recently purchased my first adult mattress spending a very pretty penny for my quality of sleep; I even did my first payment plan for this mattress!  I was not easy to work with, I admit.  I had no idea the length of time it would take me to find a suitable dwelling in Oakland, CA.  Each month, I'd pay the storage fee and say "not yet".  I just figured it was more money in their pocket.  

    Well, fast forward 8 months, I have my new home (finally, it was extremely difficult to find a place with my dog in the Bay Area) and I am ready to get my belongings.  Most importantly my mattress.  Oh how I had dreamed of that mattress and was looking so forward to getting to sleep on it again (I had JUST finished paying it off a month before I got my things).  I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of everything.

    The wardrobe boxes arrived with an overwhelming stink of mold.  The moldy smell still lingers on some of my clothes almost one year later.  But, my heart was broken when the guys from the moving company they worked with unwrapped my mattress.  I was assured by Supermovers that it was wrapped air tight.  Supermovers placed the blame on the company that did the actual delivery and of course they blamed the storage facility it was in..  The mattress was dark brown, green, ugly shades of blue.  It looked that mold had been growing for a long, long time.  It was completely beyond repair.  Picture frames and my desk had scratches, chips and nicks that were not there before. Lamp shades somewhat damaged requiring repair.  But oh that mattress.  Forget insurance. Mold is one of the only things not covered by renters/property insurance.  

    Omar finally agreed to send me a check for less than a quarter of what the mattress cost.  I still get nauseous thinking about it.

    So, pay the extra for the climate control if you plan on leaving you stuff there.  I would hope that a local move within the same city would go smoother with them.  At least for their sake.  If you are planning a move your things to another state, I'd stay far away from them.

    thumb Randi G.

      We just moved from a cramped 2 BR NYC apt to a house in the burbs and these guys were amazing. They worked tirelessly and with smiles on the whole time!!  They were so friendly and everything looked great upon arrival at the house. Lorenzo, Louie and Jonathan were especially kind as we changed our mind on furniture arrangements a few times - they moved the same bed three times for me and did it with smiles and laughter. They were amazing, affordable and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a moving service. They also worked with a limited time frame with our elevator as a result of our building being overbooked with moves that day. They worked quickly and was nary a scratch on our furniture.

    thumb Rachel G.
  •   I received excellent service, good price and personal attention !! Highly recommended !!!!

    thumb Haim A.

      We booked Super Movers for our move and we would definitely use this company again. This moving company had sent a team of movers who were prompt, careful, courteous and friendly. The service they have provided was worth every penny that we paid them.

    They were prompt and moved the contents of our home without question. They took apart our beds and cabinets and helped us put them together when we arrived. They packed our entire home within no time at all. They were also polite and friendly. We even had a few laughs together. To be honest, our move would have been a huge stress without them.

    thumb Jenna B.

      Excellent experience. Very professional, careful, affordable, pleasant.
    Highly recommend.

    thumb annaz Z.

      I've used Super Movers several times within 5 years and they continue to provide solid and consistent service that is competitively priced.  From the first step of getting an estimate to the actual day of the move, they arrived punctually and were very professional.  Lorenzo and his moving team were personable and careful with wrapping and moving my belongings.  Some of my furniture is pressed wood so naturally, I expected some scratches and nicks.  Some pieces of my pressed wood bed did not travel well and the slats broke but Lorenzo spent time and energy finding creative solutions and was successful in fixing the broken pieces.  They packed my TV, artwork and lamps very well.  All delicate pieces were shrink wrapped and blanketed so that there was less likelihood of damage and good protection from the snow/sleet.  All in all, I was pleased with Super Movers and would certainly use them again.

    thumb Joanne W.
  •   I cannot say enough good things about Super Movers. We had to do a move-out of one apartment, store our belongings with Super Movers, and then a final move-in a month later to our permanent new home. They did this flawlessly -- the movers were quick, efficient, courteous, good-humored, and friendly. All of this at a reasonable cost. I would use them again in heartbeat and couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    thumb Kevin D.

      great company.  We recommended them a few times for our customers at my job  and everyone was happy. They went above and beyond.   It's very hard to find good honest movers. This company is great.  Def recommend them to anyone in the bk area who needs a move.

    thumb Guido T.

      The guy got lost driving less than ten miles in Queens.  Waited almost an hour for him.  He tried to tack on $50 for truck fee, when the storage facility offered free truck.  Very dissatisfied with service.

    thumb Eileen B.

      I recently moved from Clinton Hill to Bed Stuy and am very happy with the job they did. Several lamps and mirrors, many things not perfectly packed on my end - yet everything arrived save and swiftly. Everything I mentioned to take special care of or unload at a certain spot was paid mind to. I can wholeheartedly recommend SuperMovers - well priced, too.

    thumb Yulia R.
  •   I have used the Super Movers for several moves in the last 5 years.  I am a professional organizer and specialize in moves.  These guys are very professional, well organized and always want to please the client.  They listen to how I want boxes marked and organized, secure storage units for me, take care of payments and every detail of the process.  They are full service and have always met my expectations.  Whenever there is a problem, Alon, the owner, is quick to remedy the situation.   Many of my clients live in building requiring insurance and have very specific rules about using the service elevator, hours of operation etc.  The Super Movers are able to navigate even the most difficult co-op and condo rules.

    Janos, Otto and Vladimir worked for me in the last move, those guys hustle like no one else. I highly recommend this company for your moving needs.

    thumb Amy W.

      The crew from Super Movers did a fantastic job with my recent move into my apartment in Inwood. The guys were very professional, protected my furniture pieces properly and made sure to point out any damage to pieces before the move so there would be no question if anything arrived in the condition in which is left. They were able to answer all of my questions upfront, and worked quickly to make the move in the time frame estimated based on my list of needs. The flat rate vs. the hourly estimate is also a great feature of the company and ended up saving me a few dollars in the end.
    Highly recommend this company for your moving needs at a competitive rate to most of the big companies in the city.

    thumb Kelli H.

      They are excellent. They packed all of our stuff and moved us to the Boston area. Everyone I interacted with at SuperMovers was friendly and honest. I never felt we were dealing with a shady salesperson or false promises. Every step was clear and easy. The charge we were quoted was lower than others we received, and it did not change at any point. They were clear that they would reassemble anything that they had to disasssemble for the move (bed frame). Also, the movers were nice guys and easy to work with. We had some items that we wanted packed in a specific way. They were happy and ready to accomodate. They even packed up my son's lego project without taking it apart. If you have a 4 year old, you know that saves a lot of heartache!  
    It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. We would definitely use them again.

    thumb Monica M.

      I have used The SuperMovers for a home move twice and for work moves (files and boxes into our off-site storage unit) at least 5 times, and I continue to be impressed with their work. Their level of professionalism is unparalleled!

    My most recent move, from my old apartment share in Williamsburg to a new one-bedroom, was as smooth as can be. I have an upright piano which I've seen The SuperMovers twice. They handle that no problem. They took apart my bed, wardrobed all my clothes, placed it in the appropriate places in my new apartment and even helped me put some closet doors on -- without me even asking!

    This company goes above and beyond and is reasonably priced, I highly recommend.

    thumb Julia S.
  •   We have used movers before, some good and some absolute nightmares. The Super Movers lived up to their name. They were prompt, professional, and extremely curteous and responsive. Simply the best. I would highly recommend them.

    thumb Andrew B.

      These jerks moved 2 ikea wardrobes into my apartment and charged extra for diassembly/reassembly. They only took the doors off and ended up significantly damaging my building and apartment. They also chipped up the wardrobe in the process, lost several screws, and put it back together incorrectly. They took chunks out of the ceiling, the door frame, scratched up the floors/wall, and left sweat marks on our walls.

    thumb Carolyn B.

      I used them last week and everything went well.  They even took the truck for a trip around the block to make sure my items where "stable".  I had a 4 piece wall unit that could have easy gotten damaged  but it arrived at my new location in Long Island in perfect condition.   They showed up on time and worked together as a team to get my job done in a timely manner.

    thumb Elise A.

      My move went down pretty much just like others described here - on time, professional, careful, fast, friendly, with a home visit beforehand to do a binding estimate. The estimator/foreman even drove me over to the new place to check out the exceptionally short-ceilinged stairway in my new 4th floor walk-up. No problem, he said-- they would hoist the couch and bed frame up the fire escape in the alley, and they did so skillfully and happily. If you're looking for a stress-free move by some great guys, hire The Super Movers.

    thumb Becky S.
  •   This is a long-due review of the Supermovers. They were awesome - professional, on time, knew what they were doing, careful with my stuff. They took my concerns about bed bugs seriously - used new boxes as much as possible, wrapped furniture that didn't really need to be wrapped to keep it from any potential exposure. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The owner, Ms. Ben Eli is also local and was very available for any questions I had at any time. I had a contact for the move who was very articulate and really managed everything. The guys put everything exactly where the boxes said it should go. The foreman even came in at the end and looked over where and how everything had been placed and made sure boxes were straight and furniture was in the right place. I have moved 3 times in the last 5 years and they were by far the smoothest and most professional. I will be using the again.

    thumb J F.

      Wow...Unreal.  It's hard to describe how amazing these guys are. They make moving look cool.  As my roommate and I watched in awe as they masterfully deconstructed our apartment with aplomb, my rooomate whispered to me  "Watching them kind of makes me want to be a mover."  They were so smooth, sleek and fast in packing, wrapping and moving that it truly felt like we were watching artists at work....

    Let me count the ways that The Super Movers was awesome to me:

    1) Called on Friday July 29 at 5:30pm for a Monday, Aug 1st move. Miraculously, they somehow fit me in first thing in the morning (Thanks Arianne!). I had to book them last minute because my building required a certificate of insurance, which my previously booked movers refused to provide.

    2) I totally underestimated my inventory when I described it over the phone.  Neglected to mention my TV, one armoir, and a bookcase (don't ask). I also said I woiuld have about 5 boxes on top of my furniture. I landed up having 10 boxes. Somehow, Travis, moving genius and team leader, anticipated that I would underestimate my move and accounted for that before his arrival.

    3) Travis called me up on Sunday night to give me an estimated time of  arrival and to ask whether I had any particular items that would require extreme care or any special needs.

    4) My apartment was totally disorganized upon their arrival. I still had clothes hanging in my closet, loose furniture items everywhere....It was a disaster.  Never fear; the Super Movers had a mobile cardboard wardrobe in which they could insert my hanging clothes...and had extra boxes of all shapes an sizes to pack any loose items. They seemed to be prepared for anything...

    5) My roommate and I watched in awe as Travis led a team of four movers in a complete domination of the move. It was like watching Michael Jordan's Bulls in the late '90s.  The team had an undeniable chemistry and their work had an easy rhythm to it. They were unstoppable. They barely took a moment to catch their breaths between breaking down my bed, wrapping up my fragile painting and taking down my window shades (an additional request that I thrust upon them at the last minute)...

    6)  On the back end of the move, Travis was also extremely helpful in advising me where everything should go. I had some ideas, but some were simply unrealistic or impractical and Travis provided sound alternatives. His spatial perception was exceptionally keen (Assesments that would induce most mortals to carefully measure out with a tape measuer, Travis could eyeball and identify immediately).

    Truth be told, I am not sure my review  can really do them justice. It was simply a pleasure to watch them work.  

    They took pride in their task and carried themselves with a swagger that was completely merited by their talents.

    Their price quote was absolutely fair.  Yes, you could probably find cheaper, but you'd inevitably be taking your chances. With The Super Movers, you are getting consummate professionals, who provide a seamless, effiicient and stress-fee (well, after you've finished packing, at least) moving experience.

    Bravo, The Super Movers!  You blew me away today....

    thumb M W.

      We were moving to a 4th floor walk-up on a cold day last week. The guys were all very friendly and fast. NOTHING was damaged (first time that's ever happened in my experience with movers).  There was one point where we had just random "items" scattered around the apt (that we weren't sure what to do with - and we were out of boxes), the guys actually wrapped and boxed them (their boxes) on the spot. We didn't waste a minute. The foreman even offered to empty our fridge for us (last - so the food wouldn't spoil, get warm or would be difficult to find). Great care and detail from all involved.

    thumb Brian M.

      I'd never used movers before, and I was kind of nervous about hiring them (especially sight-unseen, and especially given shady-mover stories on yelp and elsewhere across the internet).


    I love the Super Movers.  I want to hang out with the Super Movers.  I want the Super Movers to help me get to and from work each day.  Whatever.

    When I called for a quote, I explained to the guy in the office (Ben) that I was worried about last-minute price adjustments, which I've heard can often happen with movers.  He offered us a home consultation with a binding price quoted then and there.  Done.  After a thorough view of our apartment, the mover gave us a higher price than our original quote, but still (give or take a hundred bucks) within the range other movers had already quoted.

    The day of the move, four Super Movers showed up on time and ready to go.  We showed Ariel the apartment, then I cut out to head over to the new place.  Two hours later, I got a call that they were on their way but, due to road construction (and a well-deserved lunch break), they'd be a little late.  They asked for alternate directions but, since I was new to the neighborhood as well, I had no idea.  No problem.  Within fifteen minutes, they'd arrived anyway, and it was like having the apartment loaded up by a machine.  They had an assembly line kind of setup going, with one guy bringing all our stuff to the front door and another guy moving things around within the apartment itself.  I kept offering to help, but they wouldn't hear of it.

    Not only did stuff make it inside the apartment quickly, but the movers were unbelievably conscientious.  They assembled our furniture (with area rugs placed underneath, etc.), organized the boxes, and put our coats in closets for us.  (Oh.  PS: those coats?  Were unpacked from boxes they also packed for us the day of.  They are heroes.)

    thumb Emily B.
  •   I just used Super Users a couple of weeks ago to move from Park Slope to Hell's Kitchen. Man those guys are good!  Super efficient, super friendly, and the foreman was super hot (a Brazilian, I do believe).  They arrived early and kept up the pace even though they had to move my stuff up four narrow flights of stairs on the hottest day in July.  I can't recommend them highly enough!  The prices were very reasonable, too and there were no hidden fees or charges.  Use them!

    thumb Kerrie L.

      My partner and I used them for two moves. Hers was ok; the guys were efficient and reasonably careful with her stuff. My move, however, was a disaster. They sent three guys; one who was completely inexperienced and had to be told how to do everything; another--the "foreman"--left for an hour in the middle of the move leaving the other two to handle what was clearly a three person job. What should have been a 4.5 hour job took more like 6.5 hours and they left marks all over my walls. They were nice guys; were apologetic and agreed to knock some money off the total price, but I found the entire operation pretty unprofessional and would never hire them again.

    thumb Paula B.

      The Super Movers did a fantastic job on our move this spring and I'd highly recommend them!  

    After having a bad experience using one of the bigger moving companies the last time I moved from NYC to Brooklyn, I decided to get quotes from a number of smaller, Brooklyn based moving companies.  Super Movers sent over someone to do an estimate and we decided to go with their flat rate rather than one of the hourlies.  I am so happy we did.

    The 3 guys that came were great!   Friendly, courteous, respectful, and a great team.  They arrived early and got straight to work.   They really took the time to make sure everything was wrapped well and secured properly for the move.   Our new apartment has really nice hard wood floors and they were all so careful bringing all of our furniture in.  

    We did notice that one of our frames cracked in the move, but I told Araine and was reimbursed for the cost of getting it redone.   She was amazing to deal with from start to finish.

    I hopefully won't be moving again any time soon, but it will 100% use The Super Movers the next time I do.

    thumb Amy D.

      I was extremely happy with Super Movers. I used them, my girlfriend used them and I would recommend them to anyone. They might not be the cheapest movers on CL, but unlike cheaper movers they did a careful job.

    They arrived on time at 9:00 am. I do not ever schedule movers for any other time than the first move of the day, that way I know my move will  start on time.

    They told me they would send 3 guys and a truck. Instead there were 4 guys, one was in charge. They were all great, efficient but friendly and nice. They got to work immediately.

    The first thing they did was take all my boxes down and put them in the truck. Each guy carried two boxes at a time and trudged up and down my 3rd floor walk-up methodically. Next they began wrapping my furniture. I have a lot of furniture that was not very nice and did not  require much care but they treated them all the same wrapping them in clean furniture pads and using tape to secure the pads.  This took quite a while.  If you want your move to be faster you could tell them what to wrap and what not to wrap or pre-wrap yourself.  There was no way any of my furniture was going to be damaged with that wrapping job.  They wrapped up my TV using furniture pads and leftover boxes.

    They gave me mattress and box spring bags to keep them clean. I put the bags on myself to save them some time but they were going to do it. They did charge me for those. Otherwise everything else was included, including the 3 wardrobe boxes they gave me for my clothes.

    I needed help disconnecting my cable and they had some tools and helped me out. Then the foreman and I both noticed at once that I did not take down a large hanging light. He  got up on a ladder and took my light down for me!  Then helped me wrap it and put the hardware in a box. They asked me about things that were not packed and if they were going down too. Some things I was leaving behind. They made sure everything was out of my apt or if not that I was planning on leaving it.

    They seemed to take an extra 15 minutes to get to my new place, I'm sure they probably stopped for some water and maybe some cookies. I thought that was fair.  Once at my new place it was the same. Taking everything up, doing an excellent and efficient job and as careful and as nice and polite as you can be. My move was about 4 hours.

    I used them and my girlfriend did as well for her move. I would use them again for sure and I would recommend them to a friend.

    thumb Chris M.