3 Tips for Moving

3 Tips for Moving

Moving is stressful no matter whether you’re moving for the first time or you’ve moved every year of your life. The task of packing all your possessions in a manner in which you can still live your day-to-day life can be difficult. Speaking candidly, moving can make you feel like you’re going crazy. Though moving will always have elements of stress associated with it, there are ways to eliminate most of your stress and here’s how.

Make a Strategy

It’s easy to feel disoriented while preparing to move and during the actual move itself. Before you start assembling boxes, tugging clothes off hangers, and pulling books off the bookshelves, take a moment to make a strategy for pre-moving, during the actual move, and for unpacking afterwards. When making a strategy here are the things to ask yourself:

What will I need during the move?

There are items such as clothes, bedding, and plates that you have to have to survive. When you are considering how to move and, at the same time remain comfortable, think about ways to cut corners. Plan your outfits and pack the rest of your clothes, buy disposable plates and utensils, pull out that camping sleeping bag or couch throws and pack your bedding. Figure out what works for you and go with it. Also, remember that moving is uncomfortable, the trick is to find ways to make it as comfortable as possible.

How will I stay organized?

After you’ve decided what you need to keep out to live comfortably while you move, now it’s time to think about how you are going to stay organized. First, decide what you want to pack together. Do you want to pack by room or like items with like items? Or a combination of the two? To take the stress out of packing, consider hiring a professional packer. They will know how to keep you organized and how to pack your belongings so they don’t’ get damaged during your transition. To stay organized:

Make a list – Make a list of everything that you need to move, what you are going to leave out during your move, and what you need to pack the day of.

Gather together – To prepare for actually putting your items in boxes, gather the items you want to pack together so you can quickly and easily pack them.

Research – Find out the best way to pack your items. You will not pack clothes the same way you would your dishes. Find out the proper ways to pack your items to keep them from damage.

Label your boxes – Color code your boxes as to what room they need to go in so you can quickly find what you need. Also, if the box is heavy or has fragile items in it, write it on the box. You can never label your boxes too much.

How will I live comfortably?

Everyone will have different needs and comforts while moving. Think about what you can’t live without and decide how you are going to have that need met. If you plan to eat out while you are moving, create a budget; or, if you are still going to cook for your family, make a meal plan and list of cooking utensils you will need. As mentioned earlier, moving will always be at the very least a little uncomfortable; it doesn’t have to be torturous.  

Pick a Reliable Mover

After you’ve done all the preliminary work, it’s time to pick a moving company that will have help you transition to your new home smoothly. What you should look for in a moving company:

Gives Free Quotes

In order to make an educated decision on which mover you are going to choose, you must get a free and completely transparent quote. A trustworthy moving company will tell you every cost that will be involved through the entire process.

Customized Services

A mover who will make your move as stress-free as possible will be one that can customize each service to your needs. No move is exactly alike. If your mover offers onsite estimates, do it! Find out exactly what it will take to make your move successful.

Licensed & Insured

A reliable mover will not only be completely transparent with you about their services, but they will also be licensed federally and by the state DOT. Not only will you know that you are working with trustworthy movers, but you will be protected just in case an accident occurs during your move.

Take a Deep Breath

Take a moment to take a deep breath. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with tasks you must accomplish during your move and, let’s be honest, moving is emotional; you are disrupting your routine and moving the place where you take your down time, essentially your sanctuary, to another place. Find ways to healthily deal with your stress. Exercise or practice yoga and meditation. Distract yourself for an hour by watching a movie or reading a book. While you are packing, listen to music or a podcast. And remember that if you’ve done the above steps, your will have set yourself up for a successful move.

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