About Us



Hello, I’m Alon Ben Eli, President of The Super Movers. My wife Ariane and I started this moving company 10 years ago in the basement of our apartment. We called ourselves ‘A+M Moving Service’ and most of our jobs were in Manhattan. Through a combination of hard work, friendly, reliable service, and competitive rates, we grew, added trucks to our fleet, and began the sometimes hit-or-miss process of hiring movers. Like many small moving companies in New York City, we were reinventing the wheel when we got started. But with a business plan, a dedicated crew and a repertoire of happy customers, we’ve grown into a full-service, licensed and insured moving company.


Things have changed around here since we first started. In 2008, after 4 years of servicing the five boroughs, we undertook federal and state licensing. Unfortunately, two other companies were registered with variations on the A&M name, and the DOT required we distinguish ourselves. Brainstorming ensued. The Super Movers was available, not just through the DOT, but also as a domain name making us easy to find on the internet! Plus, such a name gives us something to strive for. We’re not just super movers, we’re The Super Movers!


Some things remained the same – whether you find our moving company as A+M Moving Service, or as The Super Movers – we strive to make your transition from one abode in the Brooklyn, New Jersey, or surrounding area to the next stress-free and simple. If you have small children, our movers will work with you to take some of the disorientation out of moving—from setting up beds or cribs promptly so your child can begin to identify his or her new space, to placing items appropriately so you can unpack quickly and settle in. We offer packing and unpacking services, box removal if you desire, and plenty of tips to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your move.


Price is important. That’s why every customer has the opportunity to have a free onsite estimate. It’s also why our moving company will work with you to customize the service you receive, so you only pay for what you need, and you get the services that best fit your unique circumstances.


We’re always happy to match or beat estimates you receive from other licensed moving companies. Just let your estimator know you have a rival quote, and he will be happy to review it and revise it to come up with a more competitive rate.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We repeat this often because it’s true. Communication is the key to a good move. Please call us early and often. We’re happy to hear from you!