Whether you need storage for a single item or a lifetime of belongings, for a few days or indefinitely, our Brooklyn moving company can offer safe, affordable solutions at our climate-controlled facility.
Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, out storage facility is equipped with 24-hour surveillance to ensure the security of your valuables. The temperature-controlled environment is ideal for storing sensitive items, from photographic negatives to clothing and furniture.

Our moving company offers flat rates for short-term storage, and affordable monthly rates for our long-term customers. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most affordable rate and best service.

How it works

If you only have a few items, or your needs are short term, we’ll store for you. First, our movers will get a complete inventory of the items you want to place in storage. Based on the amount of space you need and the length of time you’ll be storing, we’ll give you a rate. If you need indefinite storage, we offer affordable monthly rates. Our movers will pick up your belongings and deliver them to storage, or you can meet us at the facility and we’ll unload your truck.

You can access your items at any time, on short notice. When you’re ready to retrieve your things, we offer the same service. We’ll deliver your stored items anywhere you specify, or you can pick them up and we’ll help you load them into your truck.

Prices vary based on volume, but start as low as $50.