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There are many reasons why you would look into finding some reliable storage in NYC. Maybe you have realized just how many things you have in your apartment. This is perfectly normal – we go through our lives not even noticing just how much clutter we collect. Or you might be moving to New York, and need to find the best storage unit to keep your things there – even for a night. Finally, you might be running a busy office, and you need extra space for all your documents and paperwork. Whatever the reasons are, The Super Movers are the people you need! We have both long term and short term storage units – and all we need is for you to call us! Safe, insured and accessible storage is waiting for you!

The traits of good storage facilities

What traits should a good warehouse facility in NYC unit have? This is a broad topic, and many experts have talked about it. However, if you can distill it to three top traits, then the answers are clear. We even mentioned them in the paragraph above! The most important things for a storage unit to have are accessibility, insurance, and safety!

Safe and secure NYC storage

However, probably the most important thing to think about when you are looking into storage in NYC is the safety of your items. What happens when something gets stolen or broken? What should you do if there is moisture in the storage unit? These are important questions that you need to ask. A storage unit needs to have good security, so make sure that there are some cameras, guards or special locks. Finally, check if the storage company will give you insurance for your goods and items, too.

Affordable storage in NYC

Probably the most important thing, though, is the price of a storage unit. As you might already know, New York is a busy city. The place is pretty crowded, and the apartments are tiny but expensive. This is why many people search for good storage in NYC, but the prices of it jump because of this. However, The Super Movers are fully aware of this. Since we exist to help you – we are trying to make our storage units affordable for everyone! When looking for cheap storage – we are the company to call!

❝Can't say enough about the great experience I had moving. Louie, Janos, and Lorenzo took great care of us. Any issue quickly became a non issue. The crew took great care in protecting and packing furniture to the point I felt they were going overboard! They took better care of my items than I would. 5-star experience. You'd be crazy not to request this crew. They had me loaded up, transported, and delivered from a walk-up in Brooklyn to a single family home in Nassau county LI in under four hours.❞

Derek V. / Merrick, NY / Yelp

Make more space in your home by renting a storage unit

Apartments in NYC are quite expensive. And we often compromise on the size when it comes to picking a place to live. But, with easily accessible and secure storage you can have more living space. You won’t have to spend hours vacuuming your winter clothes before each summer. And come up with creative ways of hiding them from plain sight. Renting a storage unit can help you declutter your apartment and free up space for more important items. You can have a neat and organized space for all your items. Easily accessible when you want to.

You can keep a wide variety of items in your storage unit. Seasonal clothes are one example. But, it’s also perfect for keeping musical instruments, spare furniture and anything else you don’t have room for. There will be no need to sell or throw away your old but still usable items.

It’s much safer to store valuables in a storage unit

If you own expensive musical equipment or collectibles, you probably want to keep them close to you. But by doing so, you might end up damaging them. Exposure to sunlight can fade them. And if you have kids, having an apartment crowded with poorly stored items is a recipe for disaster. One wrong move and they can end up on the floor permanently damaged. On the other hand, storing them in a storage unit is a much better solution.

Our storage units are very well protected. And you can rest assured that your items will be safe. And we can even provide you with packing supplies. So you can properly wrap and secure them yourself. That way, nothing can cause them harm. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a comic book collection or if you are holding on to your old guitar. It’s always better to store them in a safe and protected environment.

Contact us for all your moving needs

 Apart from moving and storage, we also offer a variety of special services. We can move your fragile and antique items with our modern trucks and packing equipment. All your belongings will be well cared for and safe in our hands. We can also tackle heavy and large items, which are often tough to move. It doesn’t matter if you live on the ground floor or on top of your building. Our professional movers can handle just about anything that needs moving. All you really need to do is call us and then sit back and relax! We will take care of the rest. And make sure that you have your easiest relocation so far.

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